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    (9) Any other illegal act; and
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Suggestions on Our Products and Services

To avoid any unexpected trouble such as misunderstanding and dispute with any of you under the situation where the products and services provided by Sammy through our original research and development are similar to those suggested by you, we will not evaluate or examine what is suggested by you as soon as what we have received as an opinion is regarded as any suggestion on our product or service.

Protection of Private Information

Sammy sometimes asks you to provide your information only for establishment of better relations with you. We will not provide or sell any of your private information provided (your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, company name, etc.) to any outsider for their sales or canvass activity. Also, client information that gets inquired input formats is encoded according to the SSL Internet encoding security system, using VeriSign Japan K.K.sihttp://www.verisign.co.jp/) electronic verification, thus making interference and tampering impossible.

Use of Cookie

On this web site, "Cookie" is partially used for improvement of the quality. Sammy's web server uses Cookie to automatically record your computer's IP/Internet address. Unless you have willingly provided your private information to Sammy, you will not be identified by the information and remain anonymous. Cookie is small data transmitted to your browser by the web server, which may be read by the server transmitting Cookie. Cookie records the password and setting data. Cookie is impossible to execute as a program nor send any virus. In most cases, the browser is set to accept Cookie under default. However, it is possible to set the browser to indicate some warning in receiving Cookie. Some of the web pages requiring authentication are impossible to select Cookie. You may not access such pages if you have decided not to accept Cookie.

Immunity from Responsibility

The information on this web site is the one possible to provide at this point. Sammy may change any of the information without notice. Sammy may also suspend or stop the operation of the site. Any of the information provided is not guaranteed to be perfect, accurate, applicable or useful, whether it is indicated or implied. Sammy will not take any responsibility for your using or not using any of the information on this site nor for your damage caused by the use of any of the information.

Revision of the Conditions

Sammy may revise the conditions to use this web site by renewing the contents indicated. Therefore, please access the site regularly to check the latest conditions.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Japanese law is applied to the use of this web site including interpretation and application of the conditions to use the site. All the disputes arising from the use of the site will be brought to the Tokyo District Court as the court for the first trial.